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SeaBIOS welcomes contributions of code (either fixing bugs or adding new functionality). At a high level, the process to contribute a change is:

  1. Obtain the current code and documentation
  2. Enhance and test the code locally
  3. Submit changes to the SeaBIOS mailing list as a patch
  4. Receive feedback, answer questions, and possibly provide updated patches
  5. When accepted, a maintainer (Kevin O'Connor or Gerd Hoffman) will commit the change to the master SeaBIOS repository

The SeaBIOS patch submission process is similar to the QEMU process. Please review the QEMU process for more details and tips on the best way to submit patches. The SeaBIOS C code does follow a slightly different coding style from QEMU (eg, mixed code and C99 style variable declarations are encouraged, braces are not required around single statement blocks), however patches in the QEMU style are acceptable.